Complete Online Fitness Studio Management Software

image-6If you have a personal trainer or studio owner, need more information about software which can run your business smoothly. Studio Management Software can manage and handle the business smoothly and effective. How studio management software can handle the fitness business-

Automated Online Booking — My Best Studio automated online booking tool can increase members in class. You can easily create customize class and invite the members for this class. You can easily install code into your website.

Calendar Tool : This can be manage your fitness class members with teachers. You can easily track your members with clients easily. Members can easily create your personal account with fill-up the class schedule details. You can easily track membership expire details and follow-up details.

Fitness Point of Sale Tool: Every fitness professional require this powerful tool because it can manage your product selling. My Best Studio can help to create eCommerce website for your business. You can manage your product management, finance report and growth report to better way to manage fitness studio. Our software is a safe and secure for your payment process.

My Best Studio Fitness Software is a web-based with more comprehensive features. It can be manage everything to run your business more effective. Fitness software features online scheduling, class management, time management, marketing, appointments and much more.

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Yoga Studio Software Can Change Your Business



Welcome to Yoga and Fitness Business World!!

If you are thinking about starting a new yoga studio or small scale yoga business or a yoga teacher, you need something more technology used in your business. If you are busy schedule for growing your business, need something more easily work-out management and marketing for your studio.

My Best Studio automated business management software can help you to increase online presence, more revenue and easy scheduling to make a professional studio. Yoga, Fitness and Pilates work-out can give more peaceful life and My Best Studio can give more management and scheduling in your business.

My Best Studio tracking app can track your clients with any locations. My Best Studio point of sale software can manage your accounting system with increase your selling products. If you want to free software and increase instant booking solutions in your studio, My Best Studio powerful automated booking tool can manage your all issues.

Need to know more about how our software can change your business next level.
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Yoga Studio Software – Increase Members


My Best Studio All-in-One cloud based studio software can helpful to increase members, revenue and booking.

If you are looking for all features in one software which you easily boost up sales, My Best Studio software for any size of studios. Every yoga studio owners want to more sales with peaceful work-out condition. My Best Studio provide technology way to create more work-out time for members, happy customers, more booking and easily selling procedure with POS system.

Our expertise person can helpful to build eCommerce website design and development. It can helpful to online presence in major search engines. Also increase booking for your yoga class. Our powerful calendar can manage membership scheduling details. Our software can maintain all records of the members.

My Best Studio Yoga Studio Software features are perfectly for any size of business with first month free trial offers. If you presently working on complicated software and stressful about your business, My Best Studio software is a powerful with easy to use in any devices.

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Yoga Studio Software for Commercial Business


Our My Best Studio Yoga Studio Software helps non-profit yoga centre, Commercial Wellness studios, fitness professionals and Pilates Business, and get the streamline your membership management and marketing solutions.

If you have a yoga teacher, independent personal trainer, fitness professionals or sports and fitness business, you need to watch all booking persons, multi-location tracking, class scheduling and marketing, My Best Studio help all ground-up work with affordable solutions.

My Best Studio software solutions for below professionals:

(1) Fitness Professionals

(2) Yoga Professionals

(3) Pilates Professionals

(4) Dance Professionals

(5) Personal Trainer Professionals

(6) Martial Arts Professionals

(7) Wellness Professionals

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Yoga Promotion System Will Help More Clients


Trusted, reliable and secure studio management for Yoga, Fitness, Wellness, Pilates and Health Club Business.

As a yoga studio owner or teacher want to make more money and easily ex-poser to business. Starting phase of Yoga, Fitness or Pilates Studios, want to need more concentrate in clients workout, class scheduling, more management and online promotions.

My Best Studio software is a cloud based with automated features can expand your business with promotion in your targeted market. This system is not only membership management but also create class scheduling, online class booking, tracking and marketing.

What is most important features can run your Yoga, Fitness or Pilates Business?

– Allow members to book class anytime
– Make payments with safe and secure software
– Instant notifications to clients and studio owners
– Selling Yoga Studio Products/Services
– Daily, Weekly or Monthly growth reports
– Mobile booking interface to get more clients
– and much more.

So, Our 100% Free Online Yoga Studio Software can boost-up your business, increase revenue and online appointments.

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Yoga Studio Management Software with Features


Looking for solutions to run your business?

Exercise of Yoga, Fitness and Wellness give us better health and better life management. In this array of My Best Studio can give more solutions of wellness and Health business.

My Best Studio Web-based Yoga Management Software is specially designed for Yoga, Fitness and Pilates small business. Everybody knows that running a studio business is all about membership, marketing and sales. We can different way with ethical solutions to promote your yoga studio.

Our studio management software can update with new features as per customer requirements. You can’t reach to every yogis for marketing your studio. My Best Studio Automated email marketing tool can quickly reach to members account. We can also promote your studio with search engine optimization, internet marketing and website design.

If you want to selling product or more workshops membership selling for increase revenue, My Best Studio is a perfect fit your business with more features such as studio booking, class scheduling, management and selling products.

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Software for Yoga & Palates Studio



Good News for Yoga and Pilates Studios!!


Today create your inspirational Yoga and Pilates Studio Business Website with complete integrated online studio management software solutions.

If you manage your studio management and marketing manual, you can lots of time wasting to manage them. My Best Studio software is a automated with web-based tool to work on new class appointments, new members registration, online booking, staff and members scheduling, and much more.

My Best Studio is specially designed for Yoga and Pilates studios with easy to use. If you looking for multiple bookings at the same time and different locations, My Best Studio tool work amazingly give solutions to run your studio booking system.

We have also provide complete website deign and development solutions for any size of studio. You can only choose templates as per your matching your studio. We can provide customize design instantly and online promotion for your small business.


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Yoga and Pilates POS Software


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Complete online POS software solutions for Yoga and Pilates Studio


All-in-One POS System from My Best Studio.

With My Best Studio, you can instantly know what’s selling of studio product and who is buying of products. My Best Studio POS system can track your sell, receive payment, billing, manage customers and much more. Studio owners can receive payments with any credit or debit cards.

Here you can get the right tools to run a successful studio business.


  • Safe & Secure
  • No more duplicate transaction
  • View top selling products
  • Accept credit and debit card
  • Growth reports
  • Easily Integrated

Automatically check your sell and receive payments with anywhere and any locations.

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Software for Yoga and Wellness Studios


My Best Studio Yoga and Wellness Class Management Software that does it all solutions.



My Best Studio can handle all your back office and marketing work and you can free for what you can love most and thinking about easiest way to boost-up business.

My Best Studio software can handle your appointments, online booking, billing, credit or debit card solutions with payment, business management and marketing.

We can new way to intelligent solutions for yoga and wellness studios. When new members searching for studio for better health, your studio locations, google map and contact details display in your website. Our new generation automated online booking and marketing tool can generate more revenue for studio owner and teachers.

Today, please contact our studio management software expert and easy way to grow your business.

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Yoga Studio Website Mistakes -Tips & Solutions



As per long experience in create of yoga, fitness and wellness studio websites, I have seen some features and design related issues in many websites. If you can fix this issue, 100% increase your online presence with marketing and increase revenue. Here you can find the information about studio website mistakes.

  1. Not Offering Promotional and Discount Offers

Most of the yoga studio owners make a simple website with just offering services, about us page, and contact us page. If you give some special discount offers to take some other yogis from your reference and get special discount. You can also mention the “Limited Time Special Offers” of limited time to booking class of studio and use this promotional code when you registration.

  1. Not Found Online Registration in Website

Mostly yogis can searches studio at nearby locations. So, if your website was clean, clear and inspirational, your website visitors convert your members. You can mention the daily class schedule in your website. You can also need to integrate online registration form into your website so visitors can easily registration of your class.

  1. Not Found Online Payment Options

If you studio website is looking beautiful but not found payment option for class booking, you can loss many more business via online. You need the eCommerce website solutions which can easily sell your studio products and easily take payments from your members.

  1. Not Found WordPress Blog Integration

If you want to announce some features or studio related information for your students or new visitors, you need the WordPress blog integration into your website. You do not need to technical knowledge for posting of blog.

  1. Not Found Studio Management Software Integration

If you want to increase revenue and smoothly running your business, you need the studio management software into your website. With this software, members can easily see the yoga class schedule, events schedule, online booking options and much more through your website. Members can easily see the membership plan, daily work-out plan and packages information.

  1. Not Found Free Email Signup Form

If you want to increase and boost up your business instantly, you need the email marketing is best option. With this email id, you can send the special offers, discounts, promotional offers and many more to your members.

As per our experience, you need the original and inspirational content require of your website.

Our My Best Studio company provides inspirational with fully responsive and WordPress and custom design solutions for Yoga, Fitness, Pilates and Wellness studio. Our company provides free and affordable studio management software solutions for any size of studio business.

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